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Near/Far is killing me.
I have a few sectors with huge near/far issues.

In one example the weakest client has -67 and has 80% packet loss on 1300 byte pings. Clients better than -65 are fine. I have ruled out channel issues.

Is there any way to counter near/far in 802.11? I already have the near clients backed off as far as the chipset will let me.
>1800 clients, Huzahh!
Have you tried attenuators on your near antenna's? (I personally have never tried this, I am just throwing it out there)
The near antennas are intergated CPEs and already are -12db padded. Adding an anntenuator would mean destroying them to get inside.
>1800 clients, Huzahh!
Are the APs prism unamped? -67 should be fine. Do you feel that the strong signals of the near clients are somehow destroying the sensitivity of the AP?

Or do you think that it is a timing/beacon mismatch issue?

If the former, you might have to visit each cpe with a strong signal and give them downtilt.

If the latter, I'm not sure what the solution would be.

An interesting idea you could try if you still have problems after option A is to try logging into each CPE and setting the RTS and Fragmentation numbers back to default. We've always left RTS and Fragmentation as large as they go (I think 2346 or 2347) and haven't had much problems.

I might be experiencing the same problem as you on one of our towers, but I've yet to start the troubleshooting since the packetloss isn't nearly as bad as what you're seeing... the AP is a amped orinoco card, and it is getting switched to a non amped tower mounted atheros AP very soon. If the problem exists after the swapout, I will probably start by visiting the nearby customers and downtilting their CPE.
Bob C
IT is a 100% prisim system.

all the clients have 97% or better uptime (most 100%) but if I look at how much they have good service, those who are far away are as bad as 6% good. Not many are that bad and boosting their signal helps.

It is really bad when the guy -52 starts downloading something.
>1800 clients, Huzahh!
I can say I have plenty of examples of setups like this where I have 10 - 40 people on an AP, a few have -40 and -50 and many have -70 to -80. I've never had any problems. I do run all atheros.
StarOS Community Wiki:
This AP has 97 clients on it. On many of my towers I have run out of channels and there is simply no more room left. This one tower has 258 clients on it.

I am building a 5ghz ptmp product but it is a few months off.
>1800 clients, Huzahh!
97 clients on one AP! Holy balls!

You can't possibly be selling 1.5+ mbit connectivity to the users and managing that density...
StarOS Community Wiki:
Actually for 95% of the clients on the AP they get >2mbit 20 hours a day and more than 1 the other 4 hours a day.

I was never able to go this high until I turned on RTS.

That site has 3 sectors and they are all full. Hence our need to go to 5ghz. We have simply run out of channels.

We also have very strict standards for signal checks and 100% of our CPEs are CB3/CPE200 based.

I think having a mismash of CPEs really kills performance. Certainly the CPQs did.
>1800 clients, Huzahh!
So far reducing the RTS on my cpes yet lower has helped dramatically. I have only tried this for about a day and a half though but in some cases I saw an INSTANT dramatic improvement.
>1800 clients, Huzahh!

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