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Near/Far is killing me.
Skaught, what settings are you using for RTS/CTS?
About 20% of our CPE do not support RTS/Fragmentation... so we leave it disabled on all CPE. The LIMITED testing I've done showed no improvement with RTS or Frag. set on the CPEs we have that support it. It actually slowed down the max rx/tx speeds on the AP.

Again, we've done LIMITED testing, and never with a busy AP.
For us, other than a one SmartBridge and one WET-11 that are still out there from years and years ago, we've standardized all the CPE's to support RTS, FRAG & Routing in the CPE to keep the customer's computer(s) off our network.

The logic of RTS seems sound - with the lack of a polling mechanism in 802.11x, it's the next best thing. The Radio checks if it's clear to send before actually sending. That should help stop people from bumping into each other as much, especially on uploading. We currently set all CPE's to 768 RTS size, and it does seem to slow things down a bit. However, blazing top speed has never been my #1 priority - it's getting everyone to work more consistently.

For FRAG, we've never seen it help / hurt anything. We tried it several times on marginal systems. Someone that we can ping 100 out of 100 with a 512byte packet but that has packet loss at 1472, we've figured that maybe FRAG was supposed to break those large 1472's into multiple 512's. However, we've never seen it able to do anything, and not sure why. Not a big deal, since the real soluion is to fix the link so that it can do 1472's anway. Smile

So, I'd love to hear what other people's experience with RTS / FRAG is?
Does the war v3 suport rts?

I can't seem to find it.

Inet2000 Wrote:Skaught, what settings are you using for RTS/CTS?
t the moment. 1 I was on 150. The majority of my packets are well under 50 bytes and without it the collisions are HUGE.

It seems most packets in limewire are under 50 bytes, dropping the rts has virtually eliminated my limewire issues and limewire still works.

Speeds have gone up across the board, I have done tests giving me 400KB/s on my AP with 97 clients on it on a http download.
>1800 clients, Huzahh!
I now have enough quantitative data to release an early but official result.

I had my office intern spend 2 days this week and go into every single CPE on my network and move the RTS from 150 to 1. And the change is amazing.

In my daily charts of latency/throughput, My usual spikes of bad latency in the evenings has essentially vanished. Also my near/far problems have almost completly vanished. I have a few clients that start dropping about 30% of 1300 byte pings at peak time but they are very rare now.

Plus I have about 2% of the CPEs where the web interface on them locked up so they are still on the old RTS numbers. Once they get switched I may see an additional jump in performance.

And as far as overhead I have not seen it. One of my staff lives on my AP with 98 subscribers and he got 400KBytes/s at 7pm yesterday no problem and that was the first AP to get switched to an RTS of 1.

I have logs over the last week that show quantitatively it makes a big difference on heaviliy loaded sectors, near/far and hidden node.
>1800 clients, Huzahh!
Wow, thanks for the results.

The little bit of messing around I did with enabling RTS/CTS didn't go well for me, I always saw huge reductions in upload and download performance and nasty latency.

I think part of my problem may be that I didn't go switch every single client on the AP to RTS/CTS though, only a couple, and those couple suffered because nobody else on the AP was being as polite as them.
StarOS Community Wiki:
Thanks for sharing your results. Now I am rethinking about rts/cts option as we have much of upload traffic in our network.
Did RTS/CTS get pushed aside? Is it no longer applicable?
RTS/CTS has not been in V3. Nobody has missed it and there have been no calls to include.

Now that some of you know it is not there I expect a frenzy of "We can't live without RTS/CTS". Flame suit is on.

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