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"Good" ways to configure WAR1 CPE
Yes, you can use wpci1 instead of $net. The script is pretty flexible in this regard.
bobbyc Wrote:Hi, I have to nat a few cpe's this week; the AP is prism v2 and is getting upgraded next week so we can then use WDS. Nat is new to me and will just be in place till next week.

Is it necessary to declare what device is net? Or can I just do the masq statement with wpci1 rather than $net?
Try to teach your self to declare variables (like $net) so your code/rules ar as flexible as possible. That is one of the programming axioms.

If you do that in any occasion, you will be able to copy code (not just NAT but FW and CBQ also) from one unit to the other without much change. for example, if you have 50 CBQ rules with "on wpci2" instead of "on $omni", you might have to change wpci2 to wpci3 or wpc4... 49 times more than neccesary.
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