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Lucaya H-Pol

taking apart those boxes up in the air to plug in an ethernet is a pain.
Unfortunatly that's what I've been doing all along.
Would be nice to have an external connection.
Very good PLUS VALUE for Lucaya.
Anyway, we purchase separate RJ45 ECS from Pacwireless, remove (unscrew) the plastic feedtru from the metal case. The RJ45 connector will just pass trough easily. GENEROUSLY ADD SCELLANT and it will never get water in. We never had problem.

Already said i did not read last page - Edited by myself
Here is yet another vote for the Pac Wireless ECS addition or something similar to allow external connections.

We use the ECS on all of our RooTenna installations (over 300) and have never had a problem we could pin on CRIMP on connectors over the last five years. On the few occcasions where we did come accross a problem in an installation, after reading all of the horror stories regarding crimps, I would always insist that we try putting punchdown jacks on the cable. NOT ONCE has this ever solved the problem. Rather it has been a faulty power supply or WAR board or the good old staple through the cable. We still do use the punchdown jacks on our APs, but I have finally made peace with forgetting them on the CPEs. Again, this is over 300 installations with different brands of CAT5 cable, different installers, different CRIMP on RJ45 connectors (though we usually use AMP), and different CRIMP tools. They just work and we don't have to go back and fiddle with the cable, once they are in place.

We've gone back and retrofitted all of the first generation RooTennas that used a smaller hole for the feedthrough. My installers appreciate being able to swap out a CPE quickly and do their troubleshooting back at the shop without having to crack open a box or re-make a cable end hanging off of a roof in the rain. They also seem to have much better luck in successfully crimping connectors when compared to their experience with their fat fingers and the toolless punchdown jacks.

I actually had a mini-revolt on my hands after ordering 10 each of the Lucaya M1020s, M1517s and to some extent the 30 M1208s we purchased. The M1020s and M1517s added at least a 1/2 hour to the installation compared to the RooTennas, partly because of the Ethernet issue, but also the mounting bracket and ubolts previously mentioned. We often had to make a run and purchase additional materials to improvise a mount as the included hardware was not suitable. The M1208s pose a similar issue for us in that the size of the included worm clamp is too small. With the RooTennas we have become accustomed to using or [URL][/URL] and none of the Lucaya producs work with either. My installers begged me to reconsider the switch from RooTennas and I finally relented after seeing the additional time and effort required on the installs. As the pricing for the M1208 is so good, we're actually cracking open the cases and installing them in the RooTennas at the shop. The time it takes to do this is less than the extra time it takes for installation of the Lucaya equipment, especially if a change is required later on.

As others have said, I would be more than willing to pay the 5 - 6 extra dollars for the ECS feature. Or, if you are still convinced it is going to be a support problem, please at least consider reworking the case to allow the system to be added by us without any drilling or re-tapping. We're also looking forward to the improved mounts and u-bolts sizes George mentioned- please take a look and ensure they fit the two products listed above. Finally, if you could revisit the mounting system on the m1208 to accomodate larger diameter poles, it would also be very helpful.
We have used the M1208 with the PAC Wireless WMB quite nicely.
Just had to get some bigger pipe clamps at Napa.

Exactly..... we can make them work, but don't want to have to run to the store and pickup additional parts. We'd be happy with an increase in the size of the included pipe clamp.

SpecialK Wrote:We have used the M1208 with the PAC Wireless WMB quite nicely.
Just had to get some bigger pipe clamps at Napa.

We've implemented the improved mounts and u-bolts now - nothing is being produced without the heavier bracket and improved u-bolts.

The new u-bolts will allow for mounting to pipes ~1 1/4 to 2 3/8".

I also wanted to let everyone know we're listening to your requests and feedback. Our next generation equipment will incorporate what you're discussing, in what we feel is the right way.


Good to know that Valemount is listening to us and is evolving the design of the pre-assembled units.
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