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CPE Grounding
Hello guys,

With the new Lucaya M1214 and M1517 integrated units how is everyone handling grounding?
Are you grounding the case?
Are you grounding the board?
Are you grounding the antenna?
Are you grounding the cat5 cable entering the building?

Or just not grounding at all?

There has been discussion in the past from searching but nothing related to the new Lucaya radios.

Any help from Lonnie or anyone else using the integrated units would be appreciated.
The case should be grounded and you normally have to ask a local electrician for the proper grounding for your area. There are general guidelines but local electricians know what works for your area's soil and moisture situation.

Grounding is a great thing to do, BUT it is not a good idea to do it wrong. My advice is to hire an electrician that has the knowledge and then see what you can learn from them. It might cost you a few dollars, but until you know what to do I would consider it worth the expense.

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