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POE/Power supply
We have bad quality power here, and lots of lightning, and those little power supplies that come with the 1214 radios are failing all the time. It'd be nice if we had an option when purchasing the 1214 to buy it with no power supply or POE, maybe for a few bucks less, so that we could use the poe24i instead.

I'm sure that power supply does the job reasonably well in more tame environments, but they're causing us a lot of headaches.

I second that.
We have a failure rate of 1/3

We just replace them with the same thing because of the price. However a wholesale package with good PSU could also be an alternative idea.

For example, we never had a dead Jameco PSU.
We've had so many POE/PS go dead that we've looked at getting something OEMed for us.
We're not sure if the POE24i does everything that it's supposed to but I've been told by my engineer to check it out as well.

3 current issues that we've found are:
-Static discharge
-Voltage/hydro fluctuations

We're starting to change all of our installs to fully shielded cable, despite the $100 difference per box. We've noticed a reduction in calls as a result already.

Whether POE24i can take a partial or full lightning hit and disperse it to a properly grounded building ground point is what, I suppose, is the question. The ground wire in it suggests that it would ground out voltage variations through the ground point.

The point is that we believe a good POE/PS solution will drastically cut down our calls and truck rolls by about 50%, making it a cost-saving initiative. I'd rather have my guys installing a new tower or customer than fixing an old one. It just makes better business sense.
I'm surprised it has taken you this long to discover the benefits of shielded cable. I have only been preaching that it is mandatory for outdoor installs for something like 5 years.

Using shielded cable will cut your repairs and possibly a better PSE will reduce that even further, but your big result is from the better cable.
Issue with those things is not the ethernet, but rather they are poor quality and die from the house power not the ethernet runs.
We stopped using them and went back to table top power supplies and regular poe.
Agreed...shielded cable is only part of the problem. Yes, we should have changed long ago to a shielded supplier, however, until recently local suppliers were charging $600/box. We now bring it in ourselves and the price is almost on par with unshielded.

We've spoken to several local electricians and hydro experts (or supposed...we work near a nuclear power plant and everyone seems to be an expert on hydro) and they've said that the local hydro company does a poor job at best with grounding out their systems. They've witnesses huge spikes and drops in hydro, which easily accounts for the death of a POE/PS combo (more the PS than the POE, we've found).
We have the same problem in Quebec, a lot of defective power supplies but this seems to happen only on the war1 power supplies. We have many CB3 and practically no problem with the power supplies.
Jacques Lagacé

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