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Weatherproof Ethernet Couplers
Hi. We sometimes need to couple Ethernet outdoors - typical situation would be where we find we need to move a CPE higher or to a better location. It of course doesn't come up all that often, and of course we coil a few extra feet on every new install, but still - there are times when we get to a service call, and the best solution is for the CPE to be 20' further from where it is right now.

We are looking for some good TROUBLEFREE couplers. We have found some like this:

although those have crimp-ons and I'd rather have punch down if I can find some. Even if I need to put an indoor punchdown into an exclosure wouldn't be bad either.

Of course, there won't be any movement on these typically, so crimp on woudn't likely be any problem either - I just need a source.

ALSO, I'm Canadian, so if it's a Canadian source, so much the better, but we can get whatever from whereever. Smile
Maybe a weather proof box.
Nylon pvc with blank plate and one hub.
Then you can just use a cat 5 jack on one and plug the cable in.
You can seal the hub/ko with a connector or even duct seal/caulkng.
We have been using electrical enclosures - Grey Polypropolyne - but wanted a source for something more job specific.
We use Bulgin PX0777/UTP. You cannot push a finished end into them, so you have to build the ends after pushing the cable into the connector. You can fit either a (Leviton) punchdown jack or a regular crimped-on end in them.

Generally they have to be wrapped with tape if they are actually going to get wet. Otherwise, water that stands, e.g. by running down the cable and pooling, can work its way inside.

They seem to be similar in design and price to the ones at Southern Hills Computer, which I noticed were listed in their clearance category.

I wish I could find some that would accept already-made ends.
We simply use coax seal and didn't have any problem yet.
Coax Seal is the best hands down
Before I sold out and retired, we extended cat5 cable with splices. Each wire was inserted into a "beanie" and crimped. The eight splices were wrapped with coax seal and then taped.

Once we quit using rj45 couplers, etc and went to splicing, we never had problems with the splice.


PS. The "beanies" are 3M™ Scotchlok™ IDC Butt Connector UR2 and be sure to get the special crimping tool.
thats the way we do em
it's quick easy cheap & reliable

Hi. Thanx, I hadn't seen those 'beanies' before.

So, you're saying you'd use 8 of these:

and then wrap the works of them in this:

and then wrap over the CoaxSeal with PVC tape.
we have used those with good results, but mostly we use these

and yes coax seal, and then we tape over that, or use an epoxy pack


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