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Firmware Downloads
BTW, what version did you end up using?
I know it says beta, but the 9239 would be recommended. In fact I will move it to be the latest. There have been no bad reports with it and I consider it stable after much inhouse use.
So where are your files these days? I have a number of locations and none are correct. Looking for the latest Ventana...

I recommend the files in the "latest" dir.
(02-28-2018, 09:38 AM)ninedd Wrote: Where are the firmware downloads?  The only has a few, and all the older links I can find to dropbox or wherever are not working.

Are there some .CF files somewhere? The files page only has a handful of files, and there are no files to create bootable system with.  I'm talking to PC-Engines right now and I'm trying to point them to something that makes sense for them to try on their end.

And, is there a link to any written instructions anywhere on how to make a bootable card that I can provide him?
Ok whee are the bin files? I need to do a jtagg

(11-24-2018, 12:29 AM) Wrote: Ok whee are the bin files? I need to do a jtagg

It's really messed up that you don't have files available except the newer test ones. Where the heck is the bin files for 4456?
When I'm in a pinch...
#18, what platform do you need? I can try and locate it.
Any word on any new firmware Lonnie?
At this time I have nothing new to release. Moving forward only the OpenWrt is being worked on and it is working well, but needs more attention to making it easy to use. I have used it for quite some time now and can still easily not get it right.

The StarOS Gui and scripting made it easy to get a system going and that is what I am working on.

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